Neurosurgery & Brain Surgery

Although many people confuse the terms neurosurgery and brain surgery, they are not in fact the same thing. While brain surgery falls under the category of neurosurgery, neurosurgery is in fact any surgical procedure that attempts to remedy a problem of the nervous system. The brain is the chief part of the nervous system, but other elements such as the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves can require the attention of neurosurgeons.

Nerves are some of the most complicated tissues in the body. Although medical science is only beginning to understand how this fascinating system works, what doctors do understand is that nerve injuries are extremely difficult to heal and repair. If a nerve is severed due to an accident or surgical accident the innocent victim is often left with a loss of sensation or even paralysis.

Brain surgery is the most complicated form of neurosurgery. The sum total essence of a human being is stored within six pounds of gray matter, and a surgical accident on the brain can have devastating consequences. Loss of memory, sensation, mobility, and cognition are all potential effects of brain surgery gone wrong

Unfortunately, careless or irresponsible surgeons cause thousands of people to suffer permanent damage to their nervous systems. People that need spinal surgery, brain surgery, disc surgery trust that their doctor is experienced, educated, and trained enough to anticipate the conditions and complications that can arise from these complicated procedures, unfortunately this is far from the truth.

Furthermore, people undergoing other surgeries are in danger of neurosurgical accidents. The nervous system runs throughout the entire body, and if a person requires an operation on another part of the body careless surgeons can accidentally cut a vital nerve that controls a part of the body. Even nicking a nerve can cause extreme pain and partial loss of control, and can result in lifelong agony, paralysis, and loss of income if the victim cannot return to work.

If you or someone you know was a victim of a neurosurgical accident, you may be entitled to compensation based on your pain and suffering. People facing this grave situation often find that the best way to achieve final justice is to take legal action. Our dedicated and knowledgeable lawyers have the skills and insight to help you get the financial compensation you may deserve. Contact us today.

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