Common Surgeries, Statistics on Surgical Procedures

There are a plethora of common surgeries performed around the world, every day. These sometimes invasive procedures are ideally meant to help individuals to better cope with a wide variety of diseases and discomforts. However, common surgeries also carry risks that can lead to long-term pain, lifestyle changes, financial hardships, and even death.

The following were some of the more common surgeries (inpatient only) measured by the National Hospital Discharge Survey from 2004. The numbers, based on a total number of 45 million common surgeries procedures performed, might surprise you:

2.1 million – number of patients who received arteriography and angiocardiography
1.3 million – number of patients who underwent cardiac catheterizations
664,000 – number of persons who had a balloon angioplasty of the coronary artery or coronary atherectomy
617,000 – number of women who had hysterectomies
478,000 – number of persons who had a total knee replacement
234,000 – number of patients who received total hip replacements

With so many persons going in and out of hospitals, it’s not surprising that some of the common surgeries have less-than-happy endings.

Truly, a “botched” surgical process affects patients in a wide variety of ways. Not only are they physically damaged; they may also have unexpected and undeniably unpleasant or even life-threatening long-term psychological problems. Additionally, the patients might have to resort to quitting their jobs, moving from their homes, or putting unexpected burdens on loved ones. Finally, the expenses to repair common surgeries-gone-wrong can be astronomical, even with health insurance (sometimes medical carriers will not pay for some common surgeries which are deemed “unnecessary” or “cosmetic”, even if the patient’s physician claims the surgery is “necessary”.)

This means the patient is bombarded with overwhelming emotions at all hours of the day and night. And his or her family and friends are often just as conflicted, trying to put together the pieces of so many lives that were severely and unalterably affected by one major (or even seemingly minor) slip-up on the operating table or during post-operative care.

If this scenario sounds all-too-familiar to you, you’re not alone. There are thousands of others who have received the compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering as a result of common surgical mistakes. In fact, our law firm has helped numerous clients file claims and class action lawsuits regarding common surgeries.

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