Complicated Surgeries

There are thousands of surgical procedures performed every day in hospitals throughout the United States. These surgeries can range from minor operations such as appendectomies to complex procedures such as open heart surgery and organ transplants.

Understanding what constitutes a complicated surgery can make it easier on the patient and their loved ones. One type of complicated surgical procedure are serious burn injuries. Due to the nature burns cause to all tissues, doctors and surgeons perform skin grafts to replace the damaged area of the body. In most instances, doctors who perform skin grafts will want to replace the damaged skin with healthy skin located in non-visible areas of the body such as the buttocks. This way, the affected area can easily heal because the body won’t need to reject any foreign substances.

Another example of a complicated surgery can occur when a patient has problems with their lungs and respiratory system. A surgery of this nature would be necessary in the case of puncture wounds to the lung. These types of puncture wounds can occur from any type of accident where an individual breaks their ribs and the broken bones penetrate the lung tissue. Punctured lungs can be caused by car accidents, stabbings and falling. This kind of injury is extremely dangerous because the lungs instantly fill up with fluid and emergency surgery is necessary to prevent the lungs from rupturing.

It’s unfortunate, but not all surgical procedures go as smoothly as planned. Occasionally there is an element of human error that occurs, that causes the patient to undergo more pain and suffering that is necessary. In these cases it is important to consider your legal options.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a surgical complication, you need to contact an experienced surgical accident lawyer immediately, regardless of the nature of your surgery. An experienced surgical accident lawyer will inform you of your legal rights and help you receive financial compensation for your suffering.

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