Dental Surgery

Though it’s the bane of many individuals’ existences, going to the dentist is a part of the lives of every American. In fact, around the world, people are taking better care of their teeth through improved oral hygiene techniques and regular cleanings. Although many dental surgery procedures are less dangerous than they were in the past, mistakes and accidents still occur with alarming frequency.

Types of Dental Surgery:

Some of the more common types of dental surgery include root canals, pulpectomies, extractions, and apiectomies. Patients also may opt for crowns, veneers (plastic or porcelain), implants, and bridges. Finally, some individuals are gravitating toward orthodontic dental surgery as a way to correct problems such as those related to bite and jaw displacement.

Dental Surgery Procedures:

Though dental surgery procedures usually proceed without complications, those who experience adverse side effects or who have their dental surgery performed by a less-than-qualified surgeon can result in extremely painful and possibly life-altering consequences. It can take years to correct the effects of mistakes that should never have occurred in the first place. A dental surgery gone wrong can also mar a person’s appearance, which, right or wrong, can effect how others view him or her in today’s physical beauty-driven society.

Dental Surgery Trauma:

Whether the dental surgery trauma is the result of an adverse reaction to dental surgery anesthetics (such as nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”), lidocaine, eugenol, or fentynyl, or an actual surgical mistake, patients cannot hope to just “move on” with their lives after a dental surgery tragedy.

Truly, the affected patient and his or her friends and family are forced to cope with the realities of life after a dental surgery traumatic event. Depression may sink in as the individual who was poorly treated comes to terms with what happened to him or her, bills may pile up because of lack of dental insurance, and friends may feel helpless when they see a person they so deeply care about in such agony.

Fortunately, we live in a society that doesn’t expect people who have had the misfortunate of a botched dental surgery to live in silent anguish. In fact, we encourage anyone who has been adversely affected by a routine dental surgery that went terribly wrong to call our offices today for a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts.

Our team of legal professionals has had years of helping people obtain the restitution they deserve for their dental surgery nightmares. And best of all, we won’t charge you anything until you get compensated. Contact us via telephone or email right now.

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