Emergency Room and Surgery Mistakes

When accidents happen, where can you turn? If you’re like most people, you head to the emergency room, whether on foot, in your car, or via ambulance. Once there, you breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you’re finally in a place where you’ll be well taken care of. Or are you?

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes emergency room surgery mistakes occur. This means that you could wind up worse off after leaving the ER than you were before entering it.

Types of emergency room surgery mistakes:

Unnecessary surgical procedures – these mistakes occur when the ER staff takes action that isn’t needed, such as amputation or removal of tissues or organs.

Incorrect amount of anesthesia – sometimes, in their haste to perform surgery, ER technicians use the wrong dosage or type of anesthesia, which can be fatal.

Wrong diagnosis –these occur when an inadequately trained or careless ER staff member or physician makes a decision that can have serious repurcussions on the health and welfare of a patient.

Infections – infections are particluarly dangerous because they do not usually display symptoms until it is too late to treat them them safely.

Communication errors – in a very busy ER, staff do not always communicate with one another quickly or thoroughly; therefore, mistakes take place because one person does not make verbal contact with another.

Obviously, there are more mistakes that can and do occur. Whether they happen to youngsters or the elderly, they are reprehensible and change lives forever. If you or someone you care about has been the victim of an ER error, we urge you to contact our team of legal experts immediately.

Our attorneys and their staffs have years of experience helping people like you whose lives have been affected by emergency room surgery mistakes. However, we cannot find you; we are relying on you to contact us and start on the path to receiving vindication and retribution for your pain and suffering. We are ready to take your case. Contact us today.

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