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Laser eye surgery is becoming a more common medical procedure. With the advent of new advances in surgical practices and marketing strategies aimed toward making operations such as LASIK seem innocuous and safe, many people are opting for laser eye surgery.

The proliferation of laser eye surgery clinics has caused many people consider this option even when it isn’t necessary due to societal pressure to have a certain appearance or to rid themselves of the burden of contact lenses or prescription glasses.

In fact, National Institute of Health statistics from the past decade estimate that at least 5.5 million people each year are having eye surgery procedures; laser eye surgery makes up a large portion of those numbers. However, more and more individuals are coming forward with complaints about the negative side effects of laser eye surgery that they never expected or about which they were not warned or properly prepared.

As mentioned before, LASIK has now become part of the American lexicon. This is where a beam is used to reshape a portion of the eye in the hopes of bringing a patients’ eyesight closer to 20/20. Refractive eye surgery is sometimes used as another name for laser eye surgery, but this assumption is incorrect as refractive eye surgery does not involve a laser beam.

As with any surgery, mistakes can occur during laser eye surgery. Because some of the laser eye surgery procedures are relatively new (such as those to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness in healthy adults), errors sometimes occur because they are treated by inexperienced surgeons.

Not surprisingly, the results of a botched eye surgery can be devastating. Stinging, burning, or dryness of the eye can follow a laser eye surgery that was performed incorrectly. Additionally, partial or complete blindness could even occur. But some of these physical problems pale in comparison with the emotional trauma that those victims of botched eye surgeries experienced.

Usually, the victim of a laser eye surgery gone bad becomes depressed and despondent; this wears on his or her family life, career, and friendships. He or she may also find him- or herself in dire financial straits as more surgical procedures become necessary to fix the one that went awry.

If you or someone you love has sustained emotional and/or physical problems as a result of laser eye surgery, we urge you to call our offices today. We’ll offer you expert legal advice related to your laser eye surgery concerns. Our team of attorneys has helped hundreds of people just like you receive the monetary compensation they deserved for their suffering. Don’t delay – contact us now and start on you path to healing.

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