Infections from Surgery and Medical Malpractice

According to the Center for Disease Control, each year over 500,000 individuals develop infections as a result of surgery they receive in a hospital. These infections are burdensome to the patient, as it increases the length of their hospital stay, the time it takes for them to recover, and the cost of their medical bills. If left untreated, infections can cause severe damage and be potentially life-threatening.

In order to prevent post-operative infections, guidelines have been established for medical practitioners to follow. These guidelines require doctors and surgeons to adhere to certain techniques and procedures in order to lower the risk of infections. However, studies have shown that not all doctors and hospitals are following these guidelines, thus infections are occurring as a result of medical malpractice.

When you work with your insurance company to get your medical bills and other expenses from your surgery paid, you may feel frustrated. Insurance companies make money by providing you with the lowest possible payout for your medical expenses. You might feel frustrated, because the compensation they provide doesn’t cover all of your hospital or doctor bills.

You might also feel intimidated by your insurance company. Often times they will pressure you into a settlement, which may be significantly lower than what you deserve and are entitled to. This often happens in cases where medical malpractice, such as post-operative infections, has occurred. Due to their experience in the medical field, they can quickly identify medical malpractice and get you to settle before you fully understand what has happened or before you know what they should be compensating you with.

Before you settle with an insurance company, you should consult our law firm. We have lawyers that have experience in medical malpractice with many years of experience in representing clients against hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies. Contact us today.


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Infections from surgery and medical malpractice can and do happen, if this is the case, contact us today for a free review of the situation.