Insurance Issues from Surgery

Dealing with insurance companies is one of life's many challenges. Most insurance companies assert that complications caused by medical malpractice or surgical accidents are the responsibility of the surgeon or hospital to remedy. A common tactic of some insurance companies is to refuse to pay any additional medical costs that occur as a result of the surgical accident, putting an unfair burden on victims who have suffered enough already.

It is important to take immediate action if your insurance company refuses to pay for your medical bills caused by a surgical mistake. You must not be intimidated by their reluctance to adequately provide for you in your hour of need.

Denial of Benefits

Denial of Benefits and Medical Malpractice

While insurance companies have broad authority to approve or deny medical procedures, if their decisions adversely affect the health of the patient they can sometimes be held responsible for their failure to act in an appropriate manner. The state of modern American healthcare often prevents second opinions or investigation once a primary doctor establishes a "clean" bill of health. The expenses for any other consultation must usually come out of a patient's pocket, and these additional examinations and tests are usually extremely costly.

HMOs and PPOs will frequently attempt to pursue the least expensive course of action when dealing with the consequences of surgical accidents, which can have serious repercussions on the health of the patient. They are often remiss to admit that their doctor or healthcare provider made a mistake, as this can open them up for legal action, so they altogether deny any culpability and refuse to provide benefits for their policyholders.

If you have been denied benefits that your HMO or PPO promised in your insurance policy then you may have grounds to take legal action. Insurance companies are extremely difficult opponents, and frequently intimidate people out of pursuing the treatment they need. Our dedicated and experienced lawyers will fight to get you the financial compensation you may deserve and help put your surgical accident nightmare behind you. Contact us today.

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It is helpful to the patient if the insurance company does take care of the medical costs and then files litigation against those responsible for the medical malpractice.