Knee Surgery

The knee is an incredible part of the human body. Without having it in place and working to full capacity, it is difficult to do many of the tasks that we tend to take for granted, such as walking to the mailbox or standing for long periods while preparing a meal. This is why so many people gravitate toward knee surgery when the effort of walking or even moving slightly becomes painful or impossible.

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Types of Knee Surgery

The most common type of knee surgery is arthroplasty, or knee replacement. The patient is put under anesthesia and incisions are made in the knee(s) by an orthopedic surgeon. A plastic or metal insert is then placed under the skin in place of part or the entire knee. During the surgery, some of the muscles of the leg are removed; thus, the recovery time from knee surgery is usually substantial.

However, for some unfortunate knee surgery patients, they never truly recover from the event. Because of botched knee surgery, they may be relegated to years of painful future surgeries or of a life confined to a bed or wheelchair. For a rare number, death can even occur.

Knee Surgery and Blood Clots

Blood clots are always a possibility during knee surgery or any surgery; and although clots can usually be prevented by blood thinning medication, some patients have had adverse responses to those drugs. Thus, there is no guarantee and many knee surgery patients have had negative experiences as a result of blood clots or those medicines use to alter the state of their blood.

Other possible complications of knee surgery include small, but very real risk of infection and heart attack or stroke due to blood clots.

Sometimes, the problems related to knee surgery surface many years later, as the artificial products used during a replacement wear down. This can result in further painful knee surgery, more cost to the patient, and another long recovery period. And manufacturers of knee replacement units cannot give specific details as to how long their products will last, as many of them are relatively new to the market and have therefore not been tested for decades.

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