Non-Sterile Surgical Instruments

Unsanitary Situations Found with Non-Sterile Surgical Instruments

When a patient goes into surgery, the last thing that may be on their mind is whether or not the instruments that are used during the operation are sterile. More than likely, the surgical tools are indeed sterile, if not new. In some instances, though, there are the non-sterile surgical instruments that are used in an operation that can cause a lot of medical problems.

If a surgical instrument is not cleaned properly, it them becomes non-sterile, and can not be used for any surgical procedures. In some instances, when a sterile instrument is being used during an operation and is exposed to a non-sterile field, it causes the instrument to become a non-sterile instrument too.

Non-sterile surgical instruments are medically dangerous for physicians to use on a patient. Cross contamination from one surgery patient to another can lead to the spread of diseases, some of which do not have a cure.

Such is the case in an emergency room. There are many people that are in and out of the emergency rooms – many unprotected hands touch surgical instruments used in many different procedures. Before long, the germs are multiplying on the instruments, and they are not washed again before surgery, as there is the pre-existing belief that it was washed already. Nurses may want to sanitize the instruments directly before the surgery commences.

Non-sterile surgical instruments can lead to massive infections in the patient. There are many viruses that can be carried on the instruments, as well as dirt and bacteria that accumulates on the instruments. This combination can lead to serious ailments in the patient as a result of negligence on the nurse and doctor’s parts.

If you believe that you have endured a surgery that was performed with non-sterile surgical instruments you should seek legal advice at once. Should you contract a serious disease from the negligence of others, you deserve to be compensated for your suffering. Let us fight for your rights. Contact us today.

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