Open Heart Surgery

A Closer Look at a Common Complicated Surgery - Open Heart Surgery

Open heart surgery is by far one of the most common, yet complicated, surgeries performed every day. Although millions of Americans have undergone this sometimes life saving surgery, some leave the hospital with fewer complications than others.

The heart is indeed one of the strongest and hardest muscles in the body. Many people take their heart rate for granted, and fail to recognize the warning signs of impending cardiac problems. Stress, hypertension, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and family history can increase the likelihood of dangerous heart conditions, and open heart surgery could be a drastic but necessary last resort to prevent serious complications..

Another common reason for this surgery is to correct an irregular heartbeat, medically known as mitral valve prolapse. This condition occurs when the valve flaps of the heart do not function properly, and instead of making a solid contraction for a heartbeat they reverse into the chamber of the heart. Open heart surgery is needed to remedy this condition to ensure proper heart rate.

Bypass surgery is another common reason for open heart surgery. Surgeons perform bypass surgery to reroute blood to the heart after one or more arteries becomes clogged or blocked. Angioplasties are a less invasive procedure that can help remedy clogged arteries in conjunction with open heart surgery. Open heart surgery can often eliminate these situations, creating a healthier heart and a healthier lifestyle for the patient.

Open heart surgery is one of the most complicated procedures ever devised by modern medicine. Consequently, there are far more opportunities for simple mistakes to evolve into potentially life-threatening complications. Damage to the heart takes a great deal of time to heal, and surgical accidents can destroy a life in an instant.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who have their lives affected by a surgical mistake during your open heart surgery, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your condition. Contact our dedicated and experienced surgical accident attorneys and begin to put your life back together today.

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