Other Common Surgeries & Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures occur every day all over the globe. And with so many happening, it’s inevitable that problems will sometimes occur, even when relatively healthy individuals are involved.

Some of the most common surgeries:

Cardiac catheterizations: 1.3 million performed in 2004
Hysterectomy: 617,000 performed in 2004
Total hip replacement: 234,000 performed in 2004
Endoscopy of small intestine: 1.1 million performed in 2004
Balloon angioplasty of coronary artery: 664,000 performed in 2004
Ear surgeries: 899,000 performed in 1996
Urinary system surgeries: 2.5 million performed in 1996

Sources: National Institute of Health, National Hospital Discharge Survey

Though some of the most common surgeries are less invasive than others, all common surgeries can wind up with negative results.

Complications and risks during or after common surgeries are performed include:

- Infections of the areas surrounding the tissues, organs, muscles, and other body parts that were surgically affected or altered;
- Blood clots (occurring during common surgeries, especially if blood thinning medication is not used by the operating staff) that can be fatal;
- Surgery on the wrong body part (these mix-ups can and do occur in even the most common surgeries);
- Long-term or permanent paralysis of the patient;
- Loss of reproductive abilities;
- Loss of limbs;
- Death from anesthesia allergic reactions;
- Limited muscular abilities;
- The loss of some body movement or internal processes (such as the ability to void or swallow on one’s own);
- Loss of mental capacities; and/or
- Severe depression coupled with anxiety.

If you or someone you love has recently undergone one of the above mentioned common surgeries or any other surgical procedure and had a negative result, we want to hear from you.

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Remember – it’s your right to make sure that you receive restitution if you have been wronged. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake that occurred on or off the operating table.

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