Severed Artery during Surgery

Modern medicine has been instrumental in extending the lives of countless people around the world. Today, the understanding doctors have about the way the human body functions is greater than at any other point in human history. Still, with all this knowledge there are a great many medical procedures that cause damage greater than they were conducted to fix. This is the reason medical malpractice insurance is higher than it has ever been before. Surgery is not safe. In fact, there are many instances where surgeons make critical errors that hurt, maim, or kill the patients they were hired to help. One such medical disaster is a severed artery during surgery.

An artery is a massive conduit for blood. If veins are local roads then arteries are freeways. If you are unfortunate to suffer a severed artery during surgery then you could be at risk for severe medical complications. The least severe problems could include the necessity of further surgeries to repair the severed artery. At worst, the internal bleeding may be so severe that amputation of a limb or even death can occur. Imagine all this from a mistake during surgery!

All it takes is a simple miscalculation for a surgeon to have severed artery. It doesn’t take much – just a little knick can cause unimaginable damage. Of course, the surgeon doesn’t intend to make a mistake. They intend to save lives but that does not excuse them from being accountable for their errors. If you have been injured by a severed artery during surgery or another medical procedure you may be entitled to bring suit against the doctor and the hospital. The injuries you sustained from unintended consequences of the surgery may have also affected the way you will live the rest of your life.

While it may be impossible to undo the damage suffered by a severed artery during surgery, you can take action. The first step is to contact a medical malpractice lawyer and learn about your options.

Money cannot erase the damage inflicted from a surgery mistake or other medical malpractice, but it can bring peace of mind for you and your family. Consult our severed artery lawyers today.

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