Wrong Side Surgery

It’s a terrifying reality – sometimes, mistakes occur in hospitals and emergency rooms. Sound like something out of a Stephen King novel? That might be the case, but it’s something that every person considering surgery should think about.

First of all, sometimes wrong side surgery happens because staff does not communicate well with one another. Though we’d like to believe that doctors and personnel always keep the line of communication open, that’s simply not the case. Sometimes, they simply assume that the other person knows what they know… with terrible and life-altering results.

Secondly, wrong side surgery can be the result of fatigue on the part of surgeons or their staff members. Remember that hospital and emergency room professionals are often forced to stay awake for 24 hours or more. This means that they may not be physically or mentally at their best at the time when the surgery is scheduled to take place. Thus, errors happen.

Finally, such an event may be the result of inadequacy or inexperience of hospital personnel. Though most people never think about it, doctors and other medical professionals need to train on-the-job; unfortunately, that means they might be training on you.

For someone who has experienced wrong side surgery, the complications and side effects will last a lifetime. Usually, the person loses all faith in the medical profession and many become severely and/or chronically depressed. Additionally, their friends and loved ones are at a loss to understand how such a situation could even happen.

If you or someone in your life has experienced this, we urge you to contact our team of legal professionals today. Don’t wait until tomorrow – send us an email or pick up the phone to contact our staff right now. The longer you put off trying to get restitution for your surgical tragedy, the harder it may be to receive a settlement or other compensation for your traumatic experience.

Our team has helped many victims of wrong side surgery begin to put together the pieces. Allow us to represent you, too. Contact us today.

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