Your Legal Rights and Medical Malpractice

Surgical Accident Reports: Know Your Legal Rights

Surgical medical malpractice is a scary and terrifying reality that affects far too many people each year. Innocent victims just like you are often left feeling hopeless and wondering what they can do about their situation. It is important if you have suffered from surgical malpractice for you to fill out surgical accident reports about the malpractice incident. In filling out these surgical accident reports it is imperative to know that you have legal rights and what those legal rights are.

First of all before you fill out surgical accident reports you need to be aware that you have the legal right to take your claim of malpractice to a court of law if needs be and you have the right of due process. You, however, must make sure that your case meets the legal definitions of medical malpractice. You have legal rights to hold not only the physician, but possibly the hospital as well responsible for surgical malpractice. When making out your surgical accident reports you must be sure to state clearly whom you are holding responsible. You also have the right to access of your medical records from any institution holding them. They cannot keep these records from you and these records can be useful when making surgical accident reports.

It is also important for you to remember when you are filling out a surgical accident report is that there is a statute of limitations concerning the filing of such claims. You need to file surgical accident reports as soon as possible. Usually you will find that the statute of limitations starts the day that you suffered from surgical malpractice; however, there are times when you may not realize that you have suffered from surgical malpractice, and therefore the statute of limitations does not start until you realize you have been a victim of malpractice. Most of the time the time period for the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the incident or when discovery of the injury was made. If you have been a victim of surgical malpractice do not wait to make surgical accident reports!

Since you have the legal right to file claims against persons or institutions that are liable for surgical malpractice and there is a time limit for doing so, you will find it important to find a knowledgeable and helpful lawyer. Make sure you find a lawyer who is familiar with medical malpractice claims. You should never try to make claims and deal with insurance companies, doctors, and hospitals that were part of malpractice, on your own. Having a helpful lawyer will go a long ways to helping you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today.

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